andre 3000

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I saw you approach,
dark eyes entreating mine to lock with yours.
Smooth and confident swagger, so fresh.
And clean was your scent.
Permeating my nostrils,
dissipating the sweat-incense-ganja funk that flowed thick in the air.
I felt the beat
emanating from the speaker in your chest,
forcing me to dance to your rhythm.
While your breath
spoke infinite possibilities
as it held conversation with my ear.
Inviting me to taste
the nectar of my future that hung from your lips.

That is how you entered me.
Assaulting my senses,
turning me out gracefully.
Until every pore secreted something that was originally birthed in you.
Every breath that escaped my lips
consisted of molecules regurgitated from deep within your lungs.
And every move i made
seemed only an equal and opposite reaction to one that began with you.

Like clocks in a Dali painting,
time passed hanging loosely off the edges of my book of life.
The moon embarks on its second rotation in the sky
and its light glimmers in your eye.
Reflecting back to me, 360 degrees,
a mirror image of my past, present, and future self
Consciousness leads to confrontation,
of mores held on high,
feelings locked in time.
Together we create a new prototype.
A symbiotic unity,
free of doubt and insecurity.

"Softly, as if I play piano in the dark"
We speak without words
so as not to disturb the delicate silence we have created.
You christen us Aquemini,
union of Aquarius and Gemini.
And I call you papadonna,
while we make love to 'mamacita'.

"Its him and I, Aquemini"

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