love song for ghengis khan

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A Love Song for Ghengis Khan

...and men who think they are warriors
from the women who leave the light on...

warrior of worlds
i have watched you
headstrong and hell-bent
spitting fire and
harnessing heat,
they will never see your heart.
temujin of the east
to me you will always be sixteen
shoulders sloping under
the weight of wisdom
you were forced to carry.

little boy
behind the vicious mask
how many nights you have cried
secret tears into my chest
blood still wet
souls onto silken skin.

from which direction
blows this evil
that leaves you
twisted up
tornado of terror
hungry for power
and boundaries
that will never lock you in
i know not of weather
but thoughts of whether or not
i shall hold you again
fill sleepless nights
with waking hours
quaking under
lonely covers
in waiting
for westward winds
to blow your wings
back to me

angel of darkness
oh, how the mind does wander
across desert sands
in midnight hours
when solitude mocks my slumber
for i have
laid myself
upon the throne of your feet,
an empire to be conquered,
yet wake alone
as you lay claim
to everywhere
but home


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sounds of springs give way to
sounds of Spring-
-time blossoms
tossed as pillowed kisses
blooming upon skin
incandescent; resting slips of lips
'cross canvassed bodies
betwixt the satin of sheets
ropelike and twisted
like rose colored serpents
snaking between legs and limbs
wrapping outlines of whispers
with the velvet crescendoes of
of unnamed passions' throes...

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