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Hills cradled by fog in morning's embrace,
sun awakening the horizon with a gentle stretch,
and in the distance,
the sound of drums,
echoing the steps of a journey home.

She crawled out from under
debris of shattered castles
shards of glass and bricks and mortar
stuck within grooves upon knees and palms.
A broken butterfly, the child defiled,
her skin holding only lies,
disguising the abuse of bruises
that painted their darkness
beneath her fragile surface.

A world of storms,
she was drowning in the rain.
Cried an ocean in hopes that
the tears would carry her away.
Bent up in corners,
hiding from the shadows
of a phantom that wore no face.
A scene on repeat,
staccato blinking
twisted sheets,
she slept with the echoes of screams
from innocence stolen in defeat.


And then the skies broke open,
ablution pouring from the clouds
and a voice that spoke the words
of angels returning home.
It was slow at first,
their quiet whispers drying her tears
and gentle wings, lifting her up.
Arms clasped tight around bent knees
slowly unfolding towards the sky.

She crawled out from under
the darkness of a never-ending night,
with careful steps and wings tucked at her sides.
And in the breaking day,
her own voice softly took flight.
A story told upon her skin,
the sun healing wounds
unseen by the eyes of day,
towards the light she made her way
without a glance over shoulders
at the whispers calling her back.

Rain gave way to morning
as fear became reclaimed by strength.
Out of the bitter fog she walked,
her steps slowly gaining weight,
shedding the demons of memory
that had plagued her for so long.

Through fields she walked
and uphill she climbed,
her feet quickening their pace.
And as salvation appeared before her,
her wings reached out
to carry her away.

love song from pompeii

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A Love Song From Pompeii

In the beginning, there was darkness
rising in the distance,
the great mountain coughing up it's wrath
to block out the sun.
Daylight extinguished,
as if the breath of the gods
had blown out the lamps of our day.
And then the flood of vengeance,
sweeping through the streets,
followed by the screams
as bodies succumbed to tears of fire,
lives drowning in the molten river
that would be our demise.

Lover lay down with me
in this day of unnatural night.
We are here, where the world ends,
and I need you to be close.
You who protects me,
let your arms be my grave
and we will meet with forever
within the sanctity of our embrace.
You who slays me,
I wish to face death by your side,
for the shine in your eyes
to be the light
towards which I travel.

Lover lay down with me,
there is no time to run.
Instead, rest your feet, for I know
you've grown weary.
You who walks with me,
we have traveled many miles
and I am afraid I can't continue
without you near me.
Let the darkness move us
during the last steps of our journey
and we shall rest together at it's end.
You who carries me,
allow me now to carry you.
Listen to my words
and let their promise lift you out of fear.

Lover we are here, where the world ends,
and all we have is now.
Lay down with me
and we shall mock destiny
with the eternity of our love.
Lay with me now
so that forever we will always be,
beneath the encasing of ashes,
buried deep in each others arms.


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Drown deep in the silence of hours
where tomorrow steps away
and the day
presses itself into infinity.
This is the time of madness.
Of pages torn
from books with no end,
puzzles with no corner to begin with,
and a canvas
marred by tears.

Here is where we fall apart;
no start to return to,
the twisted path of discontent
where only shadows are familiar.

Stagnation passes through veins
like molasses.
Slow movements,
but thoughts erratic.
Drowning in time
with no destination to cling to,
no shore to swim towards,
only watery graves
where the temptation to stay
clings to limbs like a noose.

When tomorrow steps away,
the days forget their meaning.
Time arrests itself
in the shadow of doubt,
lulled into submission
by voices that whisper

This is all there is.
Give in.

Sink down deep
into the hidden spaces
where even the strongest forget their names.

This is the place you come to
when the windows close like eyes
and block the light from creeping in.
This is the day
from which even tomorrow steps away
and only the heaviness of nothing remains,
pressing down like a weight,
forcing you

to descend.

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