i found her.

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i found her
in the streets of Calama
fingers clutching papi’s portrait
with pools of tears welling
that pride would not let fall
dancing the cueca
with the ghosts
of los desaparecidos

i found her
dancing on the stage of a Kosovo brothel
purchased for pennies and
transplanted from village home
to gyrate for western dollars
clutched in the hands of men
who love the embrace
of 13 year old pussy

i found her
clutching 13 year old son’s broken body
pools of blood mixing
with dust and shrapnel
that clung to her burqa
after another bomb
claimed the life of its carrier
and all others
on the corner where he exploded

i found her
wilted in the corner
while blood
leaked from between 13 year old thighs
daddy’s whiskey breath
still clinging to her lips
with tears welling
that fear would not let fall

i found her
leaking life from between legs
lower abdomen and vagina
screaming in spasms of pain
village doctor
holding bloodied knife
that brought death upon birth
because daddy said
girl child bring no worth to family

i found her
staring back through the mirror
traced the outline of her scars
invisibly clinging to my skin
felt her fear
twist knots into my stomach
felt her pain
pulsing like life in my womb
and her grief
i felt it
as it carved names onto the surface of my heart

i found her
in you
and i found you in me
and together we
cried the tears she could not let fall
together we
made our pens spill the blood
of words she could not write
etched her stories
onto the pages of time
to stand in eternal testament
to the undeniable strength
of a woman.

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Ras Kass, Aesop Rock, Del Tha Funky Homosapien, Sean P, J-Live, MF DOOM plussssssssssss the Wu.

I want it. No wait. I will have it.

Right now.

I'm goin to the store.


ok a few hours and a few dollars later...

i can officially proclaim my obsession with this album.

on first listen im adoring most of the tracks. specifically:

2. lyrical swords... ras and gza
3. slow blues... vast aire, timbo king, prodigal sunn and byata
8. biochemical equation... rza and dooman
15. verses... la the darkman, scaramanga, ras, gza.

the neighborhood story project

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you should buy this...

"The Neighborhood Story Project is a community documentary program in New Orleans, Louisiana. Based out of John McDonogh Senior High, we teach high school students how to write books about their neighborhoods. Through creative non-fiction, photography, and in-depth interviews, they then create detailed portraits of their communities."

i first heard about the neighborhood story project last year from a friend of mine who was still living in new orleans. John Mac is a school that i knew a lot of teachers from... and trust me... this school is in need of some positivity. it got national attention last year for something not so positive... so lets just say i was happy to hear about the latest news coming out of the school.

in short, the neighborhood story project is a collaborative effort between UNO, John Mac, and The Literary Alliance of New Orleans. Its purpose is simple: to give students the opportunity to be the authors of their own stories. It started off as a creative writing course at the school, and developed quickly in to a much grander exploit, culminating with the publication of 5 of the students books. Each book presents a view into the students life, told from various vantage points throughout the 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th wards. Coupled with interviews, photographs, and statistics is the unique voice of our nations future... the high school seniors who are on the brink of adulthood.

"our stories told by us"

right now there are 5 books available for purchase on the website: Before and After North Dorgenois, by Ebony Bolding that examines life in the Sixth Ward near John Mac; The Combination, by Ashley Nelson detailing life in one of downtown New Orleans' oldest public housing complexes, the Lafitte; Palmyra Street, by Jana Dennis which explores the midcity area of New Orleans through pictures, interviews, and stories; and my two personal favorites, What Would the World Be Without Women?: Stories from the Ninth Ward, by Waukesha Jackson and Between Piety and Desire, by brother and sister Arlet and Sam Wylie... two sets of stories from the 9th ward, and specifically, the neighborhood where i used to work.

folks from the project are looking to get it back on line once the rest of the city can get back on its feet. they are also working on and oral history project from the aftermath of hurricane katrina... from the words of those who don't get soundbytes on the nightly news. right now, the project's founder Abram Himelstein is temporarily located in Houston while New Orleans recovers... but plans are in the work to continue the project.

so yeah. visit the site. show them some love. donate some funds. buy some books. especially right now when there is so much negativity surfacing with regards to new orleans. support folks that are doing right.


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and thus it begins...

...because it takes
some time to realize
your own worth
come into your own
play your
mental rebirth...

for a while now all i've wanted to do is write.

because life will always show you the way. and when we feel as if we have no idea where we are going. it is only because we are not opening our eyes to all the messages that surround us. the ear is not the only organ meant for listening. the eye... not all we must learn to see with.

i forget that sometimes.
discount the signs that are sent down to me. rebel against the plan. not accepting that things happen. not always how i want them to, but how they should. forgetting makes me hold when i should let go. stay... when i should leave. stress about the little things... when i should bask in the glory of what the future has in store for me.

because life is not about stagnation.

it grows and it breathes and most importantly...it changes. and i see that in everything. in the people that enter my life. in those that walk out of it. in situations that arise when least expected. the random book pulled from the shelf... that falls open to words seemingly written for me.

i see it all around me. pushing me towards where i need to go. but i've always been afflicted with forgetfulness... and so i write. not always from the point in time that i'm at... but from the destination i'm striving to reach.

it reminds me of my path. so that i may never stray too far again.

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