immaculate possession

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Great Voodoo King, i
dance the forbidden dance for you
body wrapped in strings of white and yellow, i
pound the bata rhythms
on the drums of my thighs
calling you to me and
feastin' on bananas so i can
partake of your essence.
your evanesence
leaves me prostrate.
bent and spent, yet
still i invoke thee
oh powerful warrior
please come possess me
with your
thunderclaps of passion
make me dance in
rhythms of slow motion
swim to the depths of my ocean
send our spirits sailing
on waves of humidity
Holy Ifa King
accept my humble offering
of flesh. possess
my body and
make me servant to your desires.
i'll walk the
7 steps down 5 paths
to your kingdom
just to
slave at your feet.
bathe you in my
rivers of chamomille and honey
Oh Great Voodoo King...
I invoke thee....

on how to cheat time

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this is written as an excercise in response to the poem "hell is a
lonely place
" - by Charles Bukowski that you can access by clicking
the title. it helps to set the context for this piece.

is the most vile serial killer
blind to
color or creed or class
it makes
fall apart
it steals
memories and

it is
a slow killer.
preferring to work in
first a
maybe a loved ones'
then an eye, some teeth,
how to use the bathroom

picks at bodies and minds
a snip here, a cut there.
victims a shell of their
former selves

falling apart and
resting in

peace no longer an
option when
you only control
and not

lured into sweet slumber
that is the last
choice you
have the power to

conquering time by
stealing its' essence
no longer a
victim when you
halt its' existence.

but time
cannot be stopped
the world is full of
hopeless victims
waiting for
their chance to
fall apart.

9th Ward Blues

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"The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but
because of those who look on and do nothing."

-Albert Einstein-

Humanity called in sick that day Toree died.
Must've been rendered incapacitated
by virulent strains of apathy afflicting so many
in this flock that God forgot.
or perhaps they were too scared to
answer his pleas for help while
51 bullets riddled his innocent…
…body of 10 year old Chiquita Miller
dragged kicking and screaming
through overgrown lots of the
former Desire project past
young men ballin' it up, pausing
game just long enough to see her
being pulled into the abandoned…
…building where Richard Byrd was shot
for matching the description of enemy
Black male, white t-shirt, blue…
…jeans on the floor ripped off a young girl by
men who forgot the meaning of NO
and then evaded punishment hidden
in the homes of their forgiving….
…girlfriends threatened into silence
by promises of violence yet to come
calling out in vain for help but
words fall on closed ears because
authorities wont arrest if he hasn't killed you…
…yet this never-ending song
plays to a deaf audience
the cries of children, of grown men, of women
beaten into submission are
locked behind doors of
self-preservation, thoughts of
"protect thyself, fuck everyone else" while
lawmakers ensure that our borders are protected
ignoring the
everyday enemies of the people that
walk amongst us
disguised as good citizens that
lack humanity and
can't open their doors and their mouths to save…
…innocents being raped and killed for
being young, being slow, being female,
being in the wrong place at the wrong time

ATOM 0.3