partake in thy demise

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Partake in Thy Demise

Mama said,
"Don't ever lose yourself in no man."

...and I listened
to fractured fairy tales filling up ears
and the sweetness of your kisses still sleeping on lips.
I listened
til the echo of your words
was dancing with my thoughts..

I am lost.

Lying naked upon the altar of supplication,
breast bone torn open, body shaking,
take me please.
I will love you
into submission
with shackles around ankles and
noose around neck;
the serpent of breath
this love into constriction.
How your image
lays weight upon chest,
breath's exhalations stilled
to preserve the silence
of fingertips tracing psalms upon my skin.
Forgive me.

For I give more of me
with each passing second,
filling your empty hands
with the stories I have carried,
read me into the light.
For in your eyes
the darkness undresses herself
at the temple of your feet.

And oh, how you carry me.
I should call you mother
for the way you have held me;
the gentle protection,
the lullaby of words
giving birth to my infancy.
I am born of you.
Product of your touch
and offspring of your thoughts,
you give me life.

The beautiful and the ugly.
But sometimes life is too heavy
and I break;
into pieces of you,
lover how you slay me.
Creation born of destruction,
you fashion wings of phoenix
upon my broken back.

Mama said,
'Don't ever lose yourself in no man..."
I never listened;
and found myself within your hands.

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