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He breaks light,
rising from a distance
in twisted tendrils
that thread through silent mornings.
He be the sun,
shine down into darkened spaces,
with the fury and the flame that
brings forth life,
makes rise the sleeping spirits
from their bedded graves.
With boldness of breath
he brings the heat
that will burn any
who dare tread
too close.

She is the moon,
daunting and pale-faced;
midnight mystery wrapped in mist.
A gentle lullaby, her sighs
will rock-a-bye
all who become trapped
in her sweeping gaze.
She taunts from a distance,
cold and detached,
twisting minds into lunacy.
This lunar she,
will pull the tides
to crash upon shores
as she pushes the light away.

And together they dance in tension,
upon a bed of spinning constellations,
stealing the sky's stage from one another
with each passing day.
In a flirtatious give and take,
they draw slowly together,
but cosmic law ensures
that together they never stay.

Yet every so often you will find them,
defenses lowered by temptation,
embraced in an eclipse
of submissive opposition at play.

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