summer's sixth sense

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We drink passion
in glasses of romance;
sweet on lips, sip sangria smooth,
you taste of summer,
drink you nude.
In the shade, quench thirst
like lemonade.
Libidinous in your ways,
be my
solstice of salvation.

Drape arms, hold tight,
drip off chin;
I like you like this,
mercury rise within
subtle sins on midsummer nights;
rock me under moon light.
Bodies ebb and flow as tides,
I'll be the shore that holds you.

I like you in this moment,
back lit by moon shine bright as day,
your body speaks seduction's sway.
Dance for me lover
and we will paint the trees
in muted hues
with the shadows
of our movements.

Press nose to skin,
breathe in,
deep the scent of jasmine blooms,
so softly you consume
as petals open gently.

Just let me
sing to you in sighs,
crescendoed cues
that fall and rise,
the night will be our audience
and only stars shall hear our cries.

Hush now, let me guide you
through the melody.

overwhelm me into reverie.
Hold tight to this moment
like July humidity,
pressed up against skin
let me breathe you in
with eyes and nose
lips and limbs,
like a summer breeze
that lingers


in my memory.

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