ophelia reimagined.

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Ophelia, Re-Imagined

My Venus,
there is nothing more beautiful
than watching you
as you sleep.
Face of an angel,
my secrets you keep
tucked behind lidded eyes.
Deny the sun it's movement
and pause time in this endless night.
With curve of lips and
wisp of hair,
you call to me in silence.
The temptation of your skin,
begging for my caress.

My Snow White Sleeping Beauty,
Fairytale Queen,
I am the prince who has
crept slowly through your dreams.
The shadow in the darkness,
guarding you from the corners
of periphery.
Do you not see,
it's always been me,
two steps behind your passage.
Time after time,
picking up the pieces
you have left behind.

Oftentimes I find myself pacing
empty nights outside of open blinds.
You left the light on this time,
invited me into your world
and became the reality of my fantasy.
Can't you see
how trembling fingers beg to trace
a tapestry across your canvas?
Can this
last forever?
Can we
stretch moments into infinity?

I only want to hold you,
become your divinity.
Feel your breath ease against my skin,
entwine your life within
the lines of my palms.
I have waited so long
for this...
for you...
to greet me with closed eyes
and cupid's lips.

Hush now, don't fight it,
just exist
within this space we've created.
It's your fault, you've made it
so hard to resist.
Stop twisting or you'll ruin it.
It's too late, must go through with it.

I said stop moving, Bitch.

I mean Queen...
I mean... your lips...
they were calling me.
Your skin, it needed my touch.
It's just...
this night was meant for us.
Moonlit matrimony,
preserved in time,
you're mine,
to have and to hold now.

But your skin, it's
growing so cold now.

I'm feeling so...
alone now.

I think it's time I should...
go now.

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