what i will buy.

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What I Will Buy

These crowded streets have grown lonely,
full of featureless faces feeding meaningless lines
into the spaces between the present
and where you and I ended.

I'm back to the beginning,
albatross of memory
hung limp around my neck.
How could I say goodbye?
I wasn't ready yet
for secrets fed
through phone lines;
spinal tap
broken back
rewind the time...

Closure is a myth
when your eyes
won't let me forget:

I love you.

Past the precipice of forever,
your fingers,
walking the lines of my palms...
how you said they'd never end.

Forget tomorrow-
I never asked for more than this.
Infinity in the hours,
moments out of minutes,
your kiss
and how it paused time
into centuries of seconds.

You sold me on secrets,
in hushed tones and love poems.
Told me we could complete this
line to the finish of wishes.
I fell for the hook
and now I'm sinking.

Save me with deceit.
Paint yourself up in disguise,
the truth, never a color you worked well in;
curbside salesman,
be my whore for the night.
I promise I'll buy into
all that you are selling.

Forget reason,
for I have rhymed
far too many times about truth and lies.
Bring me
back the illusion of thinking
we can fix this.

The only truth is...

I miss it.

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