the final reflection (pt4)

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It has been
31 days
17 hours
countless dodged encounters
since i extracted you
from the crawlspace
you carved beneath my skin.

understand it didnt have to end
like this.

but in the midst of such time
you have stumbled, tripped, and fallen
i have scaled mountains
to rest on pedestals
beyond the scope of your comprehension

the chalked outline
that divides the worlds of
love and hatred
traces boundaries around
what has now become
dead and stale

you should have walked before you crawled
and now all
i have left for you
sharpened nails dragged across a dusty board
full of lessons
that should have been remembered.

it is you who forgets
that in the beginning
there was you
and i
and we were never
and i told you
be careful the hand into which you thrust
your manhood
because if forced
this one will
tighten and twist

fuck you.
i was serious.

put me back on the shelf
my price too high to be purchased
by your petty change(s), this
dollhouse you've constructed
from a tattered deck of cards
shall never be my home
and gilded cages shall no longer block my path

the ace still sleeps soundly in my back pocket
move along now.
dont dare me to play it.


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peels insecurity's veil
from the hearts tender covering.
staccato breath
turned ligature,
binding feeling to movements
of choreographed flames.

when the soul sweats
from the heat within
its' perspiration ignites the body's crevices
with the burning warmth
of desire.

ATOM 0.3