a song for you.

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A Song For You.

Long after the melody has swallowed the words
and the verse has drowned in the tears,
you come to me as a chorus in reprise,
a song stuck on repeat,
fingers strumming against my bandaged wrists
coaxing pulse into a beat.

Lover, we have broken each other down
with the fury of thrashing violins,
wailing into the frantic madness
of a love that knows no end.
Two times I have killed myself for you,
placed heart upon altar of sacrifice,
asphyxiated on waves of sadness
that cascaded in your wake.

Two times you have returned to me,
unable to shake the groove
or remove the shackles from wrists,
the hook from lip;
we have slipped back into a dance
where there is nothing left to prove.

And this is a song for you.

A slow blues that creeps into ears
and sinks deep down inside.
Listen to the melody
'cause my love is in there hiding;

resonating like the moan of saxophones.
The hollow tone of being alone
when I can't feel you by my side.

Two times for you I have died,
only to be resurrected in your song.
Fought for too long against the tide
that brought me back to you each night.
I love you in a place
where there is no space or time;

sacrificed the lows for highs
and cast my pride aside.

And I can't pretend to know
if we are wrong or if we are right.
The only truth I am certain of
is that your song
has never died.

*italicized lines from 'A Song for You' by Donny Hathaway

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