when hope is gone.

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When Hope is Gone

When she opened her eyes
chaos rained down;
tempestuous storms on sunken cheeks.
The tears wearing names
of all that had profaned.
Zebra tears,
mascara mixing with water
collecting in corners of lips
and dripping off chin into lap.
She cried an ocean
and named it her past;
became the waves
rocking forth and back
until visions became blurry;
drowning in a sea of self-pity.

And when she opened her legs
the ghosts of yesterdays
came creeping out.
Shadows of men
wearing sin as a mask,
appearing to laugh in her face,
their echoes carried on the blood that leaked
from aching womb.
Her body,
a tomb that held the ruins
of bitter seeds.

And when she opened her mouth
the stories came flooding out.
Whispers that grew into screams,
secrets caught in throat for years,
finally set free.
She choked on tears
and swallowed pride,
telling of how they killed her many times;
and though no one would ever hear her cries,
she could no longer
keep their secrets locked inside.

And when she opened her wrists,
the blood spilled warmth onto shaking arms.
Her mouth, closing with a final sigh,
storms subsiding;
her eyes,
finally drying
to close in peace.
Her knees,
folded into fetal position
near her chest,
for once safe enough to rest.

Young Pandora had opened her veins
after opening her heart
and finding no hope left.

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