love song from pompeii

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A Love Song From Pompeii

In the beginning, there was darkness
rising in the distance,
the great mountain coughing up it's wrath
to block out the sun.
Daylight extinguished,
as if the breath of the gods
had blown out the lamps of our day.
And then the flood of vengeance,
sweeping through the streets,
followed by the screams
as bodies succumbed to tears of fire,
lives drowning in the molten river
that would be our demise.

Lover lay down with me
in this day of unnatural night.
We are here, where the world ends,
and I need you to be close.
You who protects me,
let your arms be my grave
and we will meet with forever
within the sanctity of our embrace.
You who slays me,
I wish to face death by your side,
for the shine in your eyes
to be the light
towards which I travel.

Lover lay down with me,
there is no time to run.
Instead, rest your feet, for I know
you've grown weary.
You who walks with me,
we have traveled many miles
and I am afraid I can't continue
without you near me.
Let the darkness move us
during the last steps of our journey
and we shall rest together at it's end.
You who carries me,
allow me now to carry you.
Listen to my words
and let their promise lift you out of fear.

Lover we are here, where the world ends,
and all we have is now.
Lay down with me
and we shall mock destiny
with the eternity of our love.
Lay with me now
so that forever we will always be,
beneath the encasing of ashes,
buried deep in each others arms.

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