30 days pt 2 week 2

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july 19th-july25th.2008


game over
before it begins
you have broken the rules
little girl
queen of the false start
when will you ever learn
your words are not welcome here
crying out
into darkened caverns
only hollow echoes return
you are filling up with nothingness
stop talking to yourself
it never changes and
repetition is annoying
listen to me
go write another story
a sad poem
break your words into lines
before they break you down
blinded again
you're stronger than this
and if you cant understand
then i'll hold the mirror
and your hand
until you believe
is much more than you care
to acknowledge

8.2 ahahahahhahahahhahaha. sorry. i apologize ahead of time to whomever reads this.

if i could
harness the flame
id shape and mold it
twist and turn it
so the world could behold it
a monument
to the majesty
better known
as your dick
fit only to be forged from fire
it inspires
moans and
poems and
fingers calling you home
when i cant bear to breathe alone
and im in need
of resuscitation
excuse me yall
too much information
i know,
but your imagination
couldnt possibly fathom
the challenge im facin
to express my deep set adoration
for this specimen of perfection

thunder bolt
lightning rod
magic stick
so long and thick
my lips cant help but quiver
when its
inches from my face
dont let me forget about the taste
sweetly laced with ambrosia
nectar for the goddess
and i know i told ya
watch the face but...
this super-sized deluxe
makes me
reconsider rules
its just
im hypnotized by the size
and at the touch
of smooth skin against mine
blinded by the shine
forever burned into my mind
makes me want to freeze time
and exist in an eternity
of permanent bliss
transfixed by the feeling
of my lips around your....

9.1 ... from the heartache workshop

you are always the constant.
is it any wonder why
i cling to you
arms wrapped tight around legs
in need of something
to hold onto
i'm learning
to bloom again
so afraid of light
and yet still
straining towards the sun
you scare the dark away
help me to find roots
tapped deep into strength
i forgot to remember
twisting around you
when im too weak
to stand on my own

but i know where this goes
i will grow
too tall for you to carry
drink from your well
until water runs
as dry as faded tears
constrict you
until the very air you breathe
is nothing more
than my exhalations
we cant exist like this
i'm not the delicate flower
appearances woud lead you
to believe
release me please
stop being so wonderful
because it will break my heart
when i inevitably
make you wither


there you go again
painted up and pretty
i see you
and through you
must admit i
have thought a few times
about smashing your stained glass
to let the light in
id rather enjoy the comedy
than end the show


lips twist into
spiders webs
spin, spin,
stories falling off of
swollen up and bleeding
cat got your...
curiosity is much too much

*spinspinsugar... sneaker pimps


there are no words left
that have not
been folded into ears
a million times
until eroded
no sentiments
to express
i can only tell you
he is
the water
running down the back
of a desert throat
the drop of your stomach
as the roller coaster
descends the first hill
he is the joke
no one gets
that leaves me
doubled over in laughter
he is the dinner
the gooood dinner
on the 1st and 15th
when you can finally afford
to spend a little extra

no he is not
some overused metaphor
not a sonnet
or some other silly love poem
he is the fork in the road
the twist in the novel
you never saw coming
the key that jams
and sticks
but finally
opens the door
is footprints on the sidewalk
after i have tripped through puddles
showing me where i have been
and leaving a path to follow home
he is
the beat
of heart
echoing in my chest
reminding me
in double time
that i am still alive
he is the poem
that i write
one hundred times a day
and never seem to finish
because words always fall short
of capturing
all that he has become


punctuated with finality
leave red markings across skin
a slap
across the face
a slammed door
a last breath
caught in the throat
i eat words
and swallow pride
until belly is full of nonsense
you couldnt
decipher the code
if i
gave you the answers
we speak in different languages
without a translator
and im so tired
of trying


are like most men i know
twisting and turning
full of thunder
they move with force
and from far off
appear to pack quite a punch
you might be surprised
when they deliver
for the most part
once they make landfall
they have shriveled up
into nothing more than
a passing storm.

12.1 (these are from yesterday)

couldnt help but notice
the contents of his
5 frozen dinners
bottled water
apple nutri-grain bars and
some pre-made sandwiches.
i bet he
lives alone and
works late into the night
probably does something important
a lawyer, maybe a doctor
no one waiting up
with a hot meal
a 'honey how was your day'
i could play
that part
costume myself up in an apron
baby on the hip, stirring the pot
with my free hand
hes coming this way
feign interest in
cereal box labels

if he pauses at
cinnamon toast crunch...
im goin in for the kill.


sometimes i feel the need
to clog up my kitchen sink
disconnect the little switch
in the air conditioning vent
unscrew the shower head
so it leaks just enough
to warrant a call
to my favorite fantasy

boy, you are the finest thing
this side of the mississippi
and i'll break everything in my house
just so i
can watch you fix it


the funny thing is-
he was right.

and i stood there
laughing it off
as if my eyes didnt betray me

we both knew i was a liar
but i couldnt bear to comprehend
the magnitude of his words


i watched
as he stalked his prey
skinny frame pressed into the wall
sliding from around the corner
he ducks low
cuts right
takes shelter behind a parked car
gun in each hand
waiting in silence
for the crackle of leaves
under the feet of his target.

the younger one approaches
believing the coast is clear
gunman unleashes
a flood of water and obscenities
on the squealing child
drenches him
with his double-barreled
super soakers
in a voice that still cracks at high volumes
"bitch i'll fuckin kill you!"

they collapse in a pile of
dripping wet laughter
volleying threats of whose head
will be blown off next.

they are 10.
i dont find this funny.


dropped calls often
at the most
inopportune times.
damn you verizon
didnt even hear me
say his name


how many times
must we rake across the coals
the dying carcass
of this broken vessel
five minutes of tears
explode from a single moment
a single lie
like a grain of salt
festering in a wound
so deep
im twisted up
a tightly wound spring
capable of bouncing
at any moment
servant to illusions
and presumptions
fight or flight
rendered helpless
my wings are broken
and these arms lack the strength
to go to war
im stuck
in an endless circle
dont know if
comings are
goings or
how i wound up here
to begin with
few things are certain
save for
shadows on walls
hissing secrets
and rattling nerves
i am
exactly as they said i would be
its so obvious
ive got to find a way
to end this poem

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