lose myself.

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let me lose myself in you
slip out of defenses
woven into the
thickness of my skin;
drape flesh like clothes
slung over bed posts
and place myself before you
when midnight moments
draw you in.

let the moonlight bare your soul,
backbone exposed,
let me hold your
trace fingertips 'cross shoulders
that have borne the weight
of your divinity.

in the night
the skin masks no secrets,
and i will wrap you in naked scars;
embrace the wounds you wear
for our
beauty knows not of pride.
climb inside my arms
and i will
sink below your surface;
stich the fabric of your frame
with the sinews of my mysteries.

lover, i want to lose myself in you;
cry tears of ablution into your into your chest
to heal the achings of our histories.
revive the beat of broken hearts
and remove bandages from broken bones;

lost within your depths,
and yet still
every bit
at home.

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