sex drunk.

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"With the first glass a man drinks wine,
with the second glass the wine drinks the wine,
with the third glass the wine drinks the man."

drink gently
of kisses breathed into parted lips
drips of temptation collecting
in corners of open mouth
inebriate yourself
with my essence
i'll pour myself out
of defenses
slave to the waiting game
of your sips and swallows
tongue as life preserver
i'm drowning
in hollow bottles
drink of me
i promise i'll be
easy going down.

we fuck like two drunks
sloppy orchestrations
binding exhalations with vodka breath
this is
love on the rocks
insatiable thirst
of alcoholics
fumbling towards the edges of addiction
benediction in sweat
pouring out from
wide open to receive
the twisted elixir of lust
and pelvic thrusts
slurring speech and
speaking in tongues
like ancient aramaeic;
our wine is holy.

dizzied up
with libations of love
leaked into hungry ears
i lead you
past the precipice of
sober thoughts
where weak walls crumble
under the touch
of nimble fingers
these lips have been
painted in poison
feel me seep into your blood
i am the wine and the water
baptising you in the church
of my devotion
tongue stained
with the echoes of your soul
i drink you
until all that remains
is your drowning shadow
set adrift amidst waves of submission
in the bottomless glass
of my eyes

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