l' ocean du verbe

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Sweet on my ears
hot apple pies and chocolate sundaes
I wanna
lick yo' s.o.u.n.d.waves
taste the caramel perfection
in your inflection
makes me lose direction
when you talk.
turning me
inside outside inside out.
your words
derail my train of thought
and put it back on track
towards righteousness
speakin' in tongues like
ancient aramaic
your voice is holy.
food to my soul like gospel brunch on Sundays
I'm baptized in your laughter
born again
in the Church of Possibility
tasting divinity
as it flows free from your
like ambrosia
nectar of the gods
sugar-sweet like honey
I hear it call me
like a glowing fire on a frozen night
conversing with my mind
and massaging my mentals
shit it's elemental
the way we connect
and yet,
your dialect,
it haunts me.
like a forgotten language
left over from a past life
that I can recognize
yet can't translate
but when we vibe
I remember what it means
to truly communicate...

.....J'ai traverse l'ocean du verbe
Et je t'ai trouve.....


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