a lesson in discordance

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you, my darling,
you are undoubtedly,
hands down,
the most beautiful man
i have ever seen.

skin so smooth like
cafe au lait
i want to drink you
you beautiful man, you,
spillin confidence all on the floor
when you enter the room
wide smile,
eyes like twin oceans
arms chiseled perfectly
pulling me into a lazy slow dance
just because its 3 in the afternoon
and you like the song
on the radio

yes, boy, you move me
your serenades while i shower
passionate debates that make you jump around the room
up and down
couch to floor
because what you have to say is

and you write too?
really, darling,
sometimes i need a wake-up call
to remind me you arent perfection.


a wake-up call that comes around 11
because you are a sad and scared drunk
and i know everything you wouldnt dare tell another
i am the guardian of your secrets
i see what the crowd never sees
all swagger and ego in the ring
reduced to shadow-boxing nightmares
when reality is just too much to escape

so like a good shepherd
i flock to you
wrap your vulnerability in my arms
while you sleep
curled like a baby, fists and eyes clenched, teeth grinding

this song is on repeat.


i awaken to you
cooking breakfast
scrambling eggs and
frying turkey bacon
the other you is back
asking why i keep leaving
and won't i please just stay
because you neeeeeeeeed me

i say sure
lying through my smile
that i will never allow myself to love you

the last thing i need
is another

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