to the girl in the delta terminal at SLC

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i was trying to write a poem
but you interrupted my creative process
fuschia make-up bag the size of my carry-on
beginning with the eyes
golden shimmer to the brow
cocoa on the lid
kohl smudged perfectly along the lash line
continue the process with the left
travel-sized bottle of make up remover
clear the canvas, repeat until symmetrical

i was trying to write this poem
but you've pulled out the mascara pen
your own version of the artist at work
the lashes,
two times
each side;
first liquid,
then powder
add some of that bronzer
to 'achieve a natural glow'

i was trying to write a damn poem
trying to create something
but you've started on the lips
line, apply, gloss, dab
line, apply, gloss, dab
kiss the paper

30 minutes later
i'm still trying to write a poem
while you
have written yourself
into an entirely new face

and really honey, its not that deep.

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