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We sing an unchained melody
to the tune of 'breakups to makeups'
shackled together for four long years by
lyrics that should have been long forgotten.
Lost in a performance where
inconsequential endings give way
to reprecussional reprise
when your voice holds audience with my ears.

It was, after all, your song
which first made me dance
in rhythms i had once deemed unimaginable.
Your song, which first made me tremble
in the reverberations of its bass.
And here you are again,
singing to me and beggin for a listen.

I see you have yet to lose your touch.

And I wonder.
How long will it last this time.
Before the music gets too loud
and one of us flies away.
Because we are like children, you and I,
afraid of our own reflection and
prone to run the moment we begin
seeing ourselves in each other.
And yet we remain,
inexplicably tied together
by a bond that prevents us from
straying too far.

For though we may wander,
we always seem to find the path home.
And so I contemplate us,
back at the beginning.
Two fickle songbirds
trying so hard to harmonize.
Because apart, our songs
do not sound as sweet.

So tell me, my love,
are we finally complete?
Can we
abandon the breadcrumbs and just
find our way home together?

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