empty. (switch exercise)

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from the switch exercise


i watched the sunrise
paint your face in tangerine strokes of morning
blew my wishes
onto blades of grass picked from your hair

and when night came,
i wandered into the darkness of your eyes
became lost and
decided to stay a while.

i invited you
to live in my dreams
blessed your ears
with tender kisses and whispered promises
on which to build our future

but i lied.

found my back too weak
to bear the weight of our love.
my heart, too full of emptiness
to accept your offerings.

my soul bleeds through a cracked shell.
feelings leaked out
long before i knew to stop them.

i am a tarnished man.

and your fingers,
they rub too softly and too sweetly
to restore my stubborn shine.

i must leave you.

for now.

for you are light, and warmth, and springtime
and i
prefer the bitter darkness of the tundra.

please understand.

i have stolen the crown of Hades
and you are too pure to play Persephone.
the river Styx has long since mixed with my blood
and i must cleanse it

before i can live in your world.

i'm sorry.
i need time to heal.

so open your eyes, bay.
before our dream
becomes your nightmare.

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