last night's dream

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door opens.
i greet destiny
with come-hither glances
in red satin pajamas
flickering candlelight makes
shadows unite
on walls
two forms merging
one tangled outline
lips to ears breathing
whispered desires.
an invitation to danceā€¦

body pressed into wall
strong arms hold me up
we bite at each other
each inch of skin
hands on neck
mouth over lips
stealing breath
from the depths of my lungs
break embrace
to taste his skin
warm and sweat-slicked on my tongue
exhalations of
'i need you now'
obliged by
backwards motions and
discarded clothing
backs of my knees
cocked over his shoulders
i am insatiable
but he fills me up
impregnates womb with seeds of desire
while intensity climbs to a feverish pitch
melting bodies into one another
no longer separate entities
a soul-ar eclipse
the sun rises in the moon
to give birth to the stars
and we collapse

drunk from sex funk
hanging thick in the air
no words needed for we
communicate mentally
i am him and he
has become me
skin sticking and
limbs interwoven
dizzy head finds the pillow
of his rising chest
lulled to sleep by beats of heart
i close my eyes
to count the stars.

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