you a.muse (to) me

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Your body...

plays muse to my most artistic expression
a caramel complected canvas begging to be painted
with tongue strokes dipped in the red ink of passion
creating impressionistic masterpieces of ultimate perfection
and a face that provides me the ambition to compose
whispering to the depths of your soft ears
sensual poetry and prose
while my fingers play the lead roles
on the stage of your strong back
in a two-person fore-play
performing a never-ending act
and then up to your broad shoulders
aching to be sculpted
like putty in warm hands
just waiting to be molded
into the form of a a godlike statue of a soldier
formed with the perfect measure
of infinite pleasure
and then back down to the treasure
of strong legs that invite me
to move to the forgotten beat of the djimbe
hips flowin in syncopated rhythmatic wonder
while we choreograph the primal steps
of true physical hunger
producing an oh-baby symphony
while i play notes that are heaven-sent
in an erotic concerto on your finely tuned intrument
until we collapse into each other
and the peace in your eyes
inspires me to hum the most tender lullabies
wrapping your body in sweet words
and soft-spoken melody
until the sun starts to rise
and rouses us from our reverie....

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