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Happy Holidays and welcome to new members!. And browse through the December Fiction | Poetry | Writer's Work information provided here about publishing, volunteering and/or grant opportunities.

And simply, try to enjoy us as we do you.

The Writing Exercises around the board, updated .11.30.05.

Riddle: I Seek | Fill Ins: Surreal Words | No...I mean Yes: Things Fall Apart
Lexicon: Urban Lyricism | Continuation: Love and Loss | Magnetic Poetry: Erotica

The Newness in Built To Spill

Gon' get your dare on. All the cool kids are doin it.

Something made you laugh today? Share it so we can laugh too!

We loooooove hygiene! Share your thoughts on sharing toothbrushes, sharing drinks, saliva on your smokes, and those nasty cotton mouth kisses


Heard the latest in Third Eye Stage?

listen to the first podcast show | submit to the next show

or if you feel like listening, hear joints by

mr.trin | time | truly i | lowercase


Whats goin on in Hip Hop

this weeks quiz. its allllll mixed up. can you figure it out?

got a premier track? list 'em up

and really. who do you think shot tupac?


Puff Puff

are you into s & m? i'll bring the oil if you add five and stir

or if whips and chains and hot oil isnt your thing...

visit any of the other threads in Puff Puff Pass and keep the rotation going.


The Writers World

new updates in the December publishing opportunities, a list of current information on the many non-fiction and fiction
publishing opportunities that are available out there.

or try one of the excercises in our collection of ACTs and give your pen some practice.

and in Urban Lyricism you can check out the updates in the December Poetry Publishing Opportunities
if you are looking to get one or more of your poems published.


Relationship issues in Lost in Translation

So do you think that objectification is a bad thing? Or is it something natural?

How are gender roles decided in your relationships? Are you more the traditional male breadwinner female housemaker type? Or something different?


Current topics in Of Water and the Spirit

check this weeks horoscope, complete with the daily cosmic calendar.

ever had a tea reading? with the help of this site, now you can!.

have you taken the Kiersey yet? You really should. im nosy and wanna see your personality type


Arts and Entertainment in Eternal Sunshine

want to find out what came out this week? check out these new releases
to discuss what’s opening at the box office.

if you need some daily inspiration, or just want to see cool pictures, visit the daily.stretch thread and participate in a creative activity.

and how dope are these rooms??!! seriously, they are pretty cool pictures. even though some of them scare me.


Discuss Community and Society in the Famished Road

the December Writer’s Work Information Opportunities thread has awesome info
on ways to affect positive change in the world around you… through writing.

Do you think that cursing in public should be grounds for a fine? or is that taking things too far?

and what about this? bombs in the trade center basement on 9/11? What do you think?


Get creative in Open Veins!

My favorites?

Make your own comic strip!

or a cute snowflake!


Revelation - A Journal

share the bonds of sisterhood and discuss one of the most important issues that women face daily

have you read the Lost Gospel of St. Thomas?

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