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my friend and i were discussing the state of the 'dating' scene today... and it was such a depressing conversation. honestly, is it too much to ask for to want something more than dinner and a movie? because i'm really starting to lose faith. whatever happened to creativity? to courting? to putting thought into something? nowadays it seems like everyone is in such a rush to do things that everything is being relegated to mediocrity. and i hate mediocrity. i remember a while back i was watching the movie Hitch with my ex and we got into discussing what a womans idea of a good date would be compared to a mans. all i kept thinking the entire time was... man, these men need help. and with each thing he said i kept remembering all the reasons why our relationship was so boring when we were together.

dont get me wrong... i enjoy the whole stay at home with a movie and some pizza type night. but every once in a while... its nice to go out and do something spontaneous. something that requires some form of thoughtfulness on your mans part to put some excitement into your dates. and im not opposed to doing it myself, but i always run up against the "nah bay, lets just stay home and get blockbuster". and going back to the movie Hitch... i remember watching Will Smith's courting of Eva Mendes and thinking, damn... if i ever met a man that did half of that... i'd marry him on the spot. but no. i get dinner and a movie - if im lucky.

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