(s)ex in the city

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So i was with the ex boyfriend/ future husband last night and he brought up this discussion... which actually made me laugh because it corresponded quite nicely to the episode of Sex in the City that was on. I mean... does being physically intimate doom a relationship if it happens too soon? I have a nasty little habit of comparing life to episodes of Sex in the City so bear with me here... Carrie was just starting to see this new man who provided her with the most 'mindblowing orgasms'- even though she didnt know a thing about the guy. Whereas on the other hand, Miranda was working on building intimacy before she got physical because why? she didnt want to ruin the relationship.
"what came first? the chicken... or the sex?"

So we were sittin there talkin... about relationships and stuff like that and im reflecting on our relationship now versus back when we were actually together... and in all honesty, its sooooo much better now. i dont think we were ever as close as we are right now, and its almost as if with removing sex from the equation, the intimacy has increased more than i ever would have expected. and therein lies the dilemma. if say we took it back to that level... would the intimacy disappear? would we lose the closeness?

i dont even know if its worth it. i mean... i love him. and i know we'll probably end up married down the road because we can never seem to get rid of each other... but still. this whole intimacy vs. sex thing has me kinda head-casin it right now.

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