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The Writing Exercises around the board, updated .:11.09.05:.

Choka: I Seek | Poetic Phrases: Surreal Words | Descriptive Language: Things Fall Apart
The Small Space: Urban Lyricism | Remembering: Love and Loss | Three Points: Erotica

The Newness in Built To Spill

Have you dared someone yet? You really should.

Make a police sketch! No really. use this program to create a fake sketch of your face. And then share it with us!

Or if you are feeling really creative... make your own lame toy and post a picture so we can laugh at it.

Heard the latest in Third Eye Stage?

Check out the first surreal.words podcast show

and if you are audio-capable, get in on the next show.

Whats goin on in Hip Hop

try to topple the reign of current champ VERBZ in this weeks hip hop quiz. See how well you can identify the faces of music today.

Play one of our many games: Fact or Fiction, the Lyrical Translation, or the the caption game

Puff Puff

feelin the need to just flow? hit up the i loooove men or the i loooooove women ciph or any of the other ciphs in Puff Puff Pass and keep the rotation going.

The Writers World

new updates in the November publishing opportunities, a list of current information on the many non-fiction and fiction publishing opportunities that are available out there.

or try one of the excercises in our collection of ACTs and give your pen some practice.

and in Urban Lyricism you can check out the updates in the November Poetry Publishing Opportunities if you are looking to get one or more of your poems published.

Relationship issues in Lost in Translation

ever date someone who's sex drive is through the roof? are you that person? discuss how you've dealth with it.

is there such a thing as sleeping with someone too soon? does 'givin it up' too early mean you've doomed the possibility of a relationship?

Current topics in Of Water and the Spirit

check this weeks horoscope, complete with the daily cosmic calendar.

find out what your temperament is by taking the Keirsey Temperament Sorter and then share your results to see who you work well with.

looking for a way to start your morning off right? check out tips on ways you can make the most out of every day.

Arts and Entertainment in Eternal Sunshine

want to find out what came out this week? check out these new releases to discuss what’s opening at the box office.

have you done a collab yet? check the collab thread and get started on or suggest one.

or make up your own entertainment top 5 list or comment on someone elses

Discuss Community and Society in the Famished Road

the November Writer’s Work Information Opportunities thread has awesome info on ways to affect positive change in the world around you… through writing.

Paris is burning. could it happen here? share your thoughts on the situation.

Are we cheating our young men out of life? Are we responsible for creating a worldwhere men are too afraid to believe in themselves? What do you think?

Open Veins

What is your hidden talent?

and would you buy one of these scary ass dolls?!? Would you?

Revelation - A Journal

share the bonds of sisterhood and discuss one of the most important issues that women face daily

or share one of your own personal mantras for strength

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