a happy poem

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i shall recite for you
a happy poem
with lines bursting like iridescent bubbles
on the tips of four year old noses
i shall
spin it full of sweetness
so its words melt on tongues
a big fat pink sugary poem
a fresh baked warm and chewy poem
with rainbow sprinkles
whipped cream
and a cherry on top

i shall write you a poem
with scented glitter pens
and hearts that dot the i's
draw curlicues in the margins
dip my paintbrush in rainbows
and paint a butterfly border
to give this poem some wings

and oh! how this poem will fly!

lifting spirits and smiles
like dappled dawn
peeking through
pillowed clouds
that hug peaks
of snow-capped ice castle mountains

i'll sing this poem
give it a sing-song tone
make it a
"ring around the rosies
pocket full of posies" poem

(that forgets how we all fall down)

it will
grab your arms
and spin you
dizzy legs and heads
laughing in a blanket of wildflowers
summer heat
hugging lips and limbs
leaving skin
sticky and glistening

and when your lids begin to flutter
this poem will flutter, too
turning laughter into
tender whispers
and wrapping you in its wings

because sometimes you just need a happy poem
no matter how contrived it seems

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