so i lied

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now when i first said i was going to make a post everyday i really intended on following through. but then as the days moved forward i came to realize i was setting myself up for failure. between the holidays, saying my goodbyes, finishing up at work, and packing up my life to fly south for the winter, there just wasnt an ounce of energy left to devote to my little blog.

now that im settled, its time to get back to business. and im sure i'll be filling this in with various topics that have popped into my head over the past few weeks... as they have truly been a whirlwind of emotions. but this is the year i plan to untangle that whirlwind. i was conversing with my friend malik yesterday about hypocrisy in our own personal self-philosophies and i know im completely guilty of it. as much as i preach about change and progress and talk up the 'mental.rebirth' mindset... i still find myself moving in circles. like my path hit one of those annoying little roundabouts they have in some cities and i cant seem to get my car off it.

i didnt make any new years resolutions this year... basically because i know what i need to work on. ive known what steps to take for quite a while now. the issue is just forcing myself to do it. but i suppose thats the issue with everything. knowing and doing are two very different things. speaking and acting... different as well. and having such a large margin of discordance between the two, in my own life, is just not acceptable anymore. for as young as i am i feel quite old... and games are getting tired.

so yeah. i guess if i had to make a resolution, it would be that. no more games.

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